Must-Read Ideas to Revamp your Conservatory

For most of you, having your own conservatory would be a dream come true. You have really worked hard, picked up the perfect design and now you’ve got the opportunity to sit back and relax.

However, even the most beautiful conservatory needs an update every so often. Basically, the reality is that your glasshouse can turn out to be the most over-used room, its furniture can endure wear and tear and the decor can become drab as time passes by.


Also, there is no point in having a beautiful conservatory just to decorate in an uninteresting or impractical way. So, why not give it a revamp, thereby giving your special room a new lease of life?

Here are a few must-read ideas to revamp your conservatory and you can be rest assured that there is nothing that is out of the ordinary. You can complete them within your budget and execute as per your liking. However, at the end, the choice is entirely up to you.

  • Flower Power

Before you shudder at the thought of 70s’ pink and orange flower wallpaper, let me tell you contemporary floral trends couldn’t be any different. So, why not go with a cool metallic hue and a less-is-more approach towards the floral design? The key to achieve this trend right is making use of various floral motifs and contrasting them all together. The best thing about this design is you can update the conservatory as much or as little as you wish to. You can even add floral cushion covers or go for some bold wallpaper. But, if you feel that the design is being overly feminine, then simply embrace cool metallic colours in order to juxtapose the floral.

  • Go Bold

Like me, if you also love the idea of creating a conservatory that stands out, then go ahead and introduce some bold prints in the room. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to showcase your creative side, thereby making a feature of your conservatory. But, if you’d like to stay fashionable, then go for royal and turquoise blues as they are considered as the key colours for a glasshouse.

  • Be Eclectic

The easiest way to revamp your conservatory is through sculptures, framed prints and ornaments. These days “eclectic” is ‘the’ buzzword in interior design. So, if you love these types of objects then you may want to embrace a vintage-look as it has been taking everyone by storm. Everything about of this trend celebrates the individual, so take inspiration from everything that is retro and vintage.


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